St George’s Day and Coronation Activities


We have had a busy few weeks at the 1st Inkpen and Kintbury Beaver scout group. The District St George’s day event with other groups across the District (Newbury and surrounding area) was great fun and we had the pleasure in accompanying 5 of our Beavers.

We have been busy decorating the Scout Hut and celebrating the Kings Coronation with an  amazing picnic where lots of games and eating happened. We spent an evening discussing our local newt ponds and learning how to tie our shoe laces. We are certainly looking forward to the sun making an appearance so we can all get out and about.


The highlight of the month was a night hike finishing up with a camp at Bagheera’s field near Wickham. As Akela is just about to go on holiday, the full details will be shared next month.


We spent an entertaining evening delivering three St George playlets to the rest of the Troop and to the Leaders who formed a “Kintbury Scout Got Talent” panel. A lot of originality in words, costume and props and it was a close run thing, with the Ravens Patrol just winning the prize. We also took the opportunity to renew our Scout Promises.

We dedicated a meeting to “Fire”. After reminding ourselves of the Fire Triangle, we looked at lots of ways of starting fire, like friction, sunlight, electricity and chemicals as well as matches. Scouts then prepared kindling and lit six fires and made popcorn, toasted S’Mores (marshmallows in chocolate biscuits) and cooked bacon wrapped round cheese.

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